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Allen Industries Air Clutch-Brake Units are designed for maximum dependability and lowest possible installation and operating costs. These units can be operated any place where there is a source of compressed air with pressure of 85 to 100 psi. Remote air control clutch-brake units offer convenience of easy, fingertip control coupled with rugged, dependable, trouble-free operation.

Unlike standard, conventional mechanical clutches, Allen Industries Air Clutch-Brake Units can be engaged or disengaged at any point during the flywheel revolution or at any point of the stroke. The Clutch is mounted on the flywheel (or bullgear in the case of back geared presses) while the Brake is mounted on the opposite end of the crankshaft.

Standard controls supplied with these units are 'RUN', 'JOG', 'TOP STOP', AND 'EMERGENCY STOP'. 'RUN' control can be set for non-repeat (single stroke) action or repeat (continuous) action simply by maintenance personnel making certain wiring changes inside the control box. Because the control box must be opened (thereby disconnecting the power supply) in order to make these wiring changes; accidental changing of the operating mode by the press operator is highly improbable. The large 'EMERGENCY STOP' button shuts off all electric power to the press, stopping the crankshaft almost immediately, regardless of the position of the ram.

If the air supply fails completely of if the air pressure drops below the 85 psi minimum, the clutch will disengage and the brake will engage automatically, stopping the crankshaft as quickly as if the 'EMERGENCY STOP' button were used, providing yet another safety feature.

Separate control valves are used for the Clutch and the Brake. This allows both Clutch and Brake to be set individually according to the air pressures desired. For specific types of operation, air pressure can be set for the pressure required for this particular operation. Accordingly, if the press should be accidentally overloaded, the clutch will slip, thereby protecting both the punch press and the dies against possible costly damage.

Allen Industries Air Clutch-Brake Units provide constant torque capacity without adjustment, as the plates automatically adjust for wear. The pressure and center plates have a positive release and positioning action. An extra large diaphragm area with a cartridge type diaphragm provides higher torque capacity and is designed to eliminate release drag and air leakage and to provide positive air sealing. Quick release valves are 'built-in' to add to the compactness of the unit. The inside teeth are extra heavy, assuring rugged, long -wearing life.

The Allen Industries Air Clutch-Brake Unit is very narrow in width, which helps make a lightweight, compact installation. However, it is every bit as rugged as heavier models because the clutch mass is properly distributed relative to the friction area, producing a fast, smooth operation under all working conditions.

These Clutches are designed for easy, fingertip control and will operate under high capacity. Cost is much less than many comparable remote-controlled air clutches. Our clutches are always cool as no excessive heat is generated.

Air Clutch and Brake, complete with control box and individual controls for Emergency Stop, Jog, Top Stop, and Run (both single stroke and continuous action). Includes Air Regulator and Filter. Installed on press. (Must be ordered with press.)

  • B8-AC for all model BT-5, BT-8, B-5-A, BT5-DR, BT8-DR, BT5-G, AND BT8-G presses
  • B12-AC for all model BT-12, BT-12-DR AND BT-12-G presses
  • BT25-AC for all model BT-25, BT-25-DT AND BT-25-G presses

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Air Clutches

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